We are a creative agency located in The Hague, Netherlands.
We solve your Social Media Marketing problems

Social Media Marketing

We offer Social Media Marketing solutions for every type of business. Effective monthly plans which guarantee new business and more revenue.  Immagine, having your own digital marketing team for less than the costs of a parttime employee.

Email Marketing

We offer in our Social Media program a fully automated email marketing solution. Via a custom designed funnel program, your customers will opt in a unique email flow which guarantees more revenue

Funnel Management

To create inbound leads, we need to communicate with the followers on your social media platforms. We use a special program to capture your potential customers which will convert them into payable clients


With our concept, you create more sales. Your business will grow and your brand will get more visibility. Remember, you can have the best products and service, but what if nobody knows you?

We bring you new customers,
and you will take good care of them

Free Social Media Evaluation Report

We offer a free Social Media Evaluation report to map your target audience, potential conversion, website and branding enhancement


Marlon van Horck - Founder

With over 15 years international business experience within different senior management positions, in companies like eBay, PayPal, and Apple, Marlon created The Inbound Factory with the aim of helping small and medium size businesses being successful in today’s social media space.

“Many business owners don’t have the time and knowledge to fully focus on their marketing strategy and solutions. Therefore, I create The Inbound Factory. We handle everything for a price you never could do it yourself. It’s unique!”